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Welcome to innovation in the production of ampoules and vials.

At Favima, we are at the forefront of technology with our Central Computerized Programming and Process Control System. This system revolutionizes glass manufacturing, providing meticulous monitoring of every stage, from Hot and Cold End vision to the issuance of detailed statistics.

Imagine a world where quality and traceability are paramount. Our investment in technology allows not only a complete supervision of processes and products, but also the generation of accurate statistics on the performance of each batch produced. This translates into unprecedented quality assurance.

But that’s not all. Continuous training of our personnel and a rigorous Quality Management System ensure that we meet the highest standards and the specific requirements of our customers.

If you’re looking for exceptional glass products, our commitment to excellence ensures you’ve come to the right place. Read on to discover more about Favima products and how we are leading the way in the glass industry.


The products manufactured by FAVIMA comply with the ISO and USP standards of the Pharmaceutical Industry:

  • ISO 9187-1 / ISO 9187-2 / ISO 8362-1 / ISO 11418-7 / ISO 4142
  • ISO 4802-2 / ISO 9001:2015

The Central Computerized Programming and Process Control System, with Hot and Cold End vision units in all production lines, allows us to monitor and have complete traceability of all processes and manufactured products. With the issuance of statistics of the process behavior of each processed batch.

The ongoing training of our personnel and the Quality Management System allow us to ensure compliance with the standards and specific requirements of our customers.

All Favima products are manufactured with perfeXion™ FIOLAX® colorless, FIOLAX® amber, borosilicate, hydrolytic class I, ISO 719 certified, neutral glass tubes, produced by Schott, an ISO 9001:2015 certified company.


  • In-line dimensional and print control using electronic vision systems
  • On-line sampling according to the method defined in the Defect Evaluation List 5th edition 2016, for our and the customer’s quality control.
  • In-process electronic breakage test with automatic statistical reporting to the customer
  • Ampoule eccentricity test
  • Hydrolytic resistance test of the inner surface of ampoules, vials and test tubes according to ISO 4802-2 flame photometry.
  • Control of glass stresses by means of Polariscope
  • Issuance of physical and chemical quality protocols for each production batch.

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