Our company

FAVIMA , is considered one of the most advanced factories in the glass packaging production line in America to-day.
The most modern technology has been installed for the manufactures of ampoules, vials, and test tubes. Every item produced is controlled and measured with electronic vision systems.

In more than 15 countries, be they in America, Asia, or Europe, you can find products packed in FAVIMA produced ampoules, vials, or test tubes.

Our clients

Foreign Clients

  • Laboratorio Alcames
  • Droguería Inti
  • Guayaki
  • Industrias Luri
  • Laboratorio Alfa
  • Laboratorio Libra
  • Laboratorio Abd
  • Laboratorio SL
  • Mega Labs
  • Roemmers
  • Terapeutica Boliviana
  • Myrakle
  • Pharmabrand
  • Drogueria Dany
  • Distribuidora Dany
  • Stern Pharma GMBH

National Clients

  • Drag Pharma Invetec
  • Farmacia Reccius
  • Laboratorio Sanderson
  • Laboratorio Saval
  • Salcobrand
  • Laboratorio Biosano
  • Alphalab
  • Farmacia Iberia
  • Eurofarma Chile S. A.

ISO Certification